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Compass Cinema

Let’s be honest. Everyone with a mobile phone can make a video. But not everyone can make exactly what you need - and make it good. That’s where we come in.

Think slow, act fast.

- Buster Keaton -


Our clients hire us to provide engaging video solutions. Our customers buy our products for entertaining education. Our fans watch our films because they love good stories. Let us know how we can help you.

Training & Education

If you have to instruct a lot of people and hold their attention, a smart video is the way to go.

Video Touchscreens

We offer the perfect sales tool for use with individuals, groups, or conferences: perfect for any device.


Content is king these days, so it’s important you show who you are. We can put you in a good light.


Authenticity is the heart of a good documentary – as well as an honest marketing piece.

Web Series

Entertainment is the perfect way to grab a customer’s attention. Imagine your own web series… neat, eh?

Drama & Comedy

We have created short films that are watched around the world. We can do the same for you.

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

- Alfred Hitchcock -



Our Work


Training & Education

The Jeff Durham Show

Drama & Comedy / Web Series

Blacklidge Emulsions

Marketing / Video Touchscreens

Nashville Eye Group

Documentary / Marketing

DSG Consulting

Marketing / Training & Education

Seek Social Justice


Compass Classroom

Training & Education



Modern Parables

Documentary / Drama & Comedy

2nd Vote

Marketing / Training & Education

Visual Latin

Training & Education

The Redemption of Cecil & Victoria Jackson


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